Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blog #1

  I have always been told that I should write a blog. Until it was a requirement for a course I am taking it was something that I said I would consider but really never thought I'd get around to. Well here I am. A brief history on me: I grew up in a small fishing/farming community outside of Vancouver B.C. until the age of 27 when I moved downtown Vancouver to the Yaletown area. I then moved to Kelowna B.C. for a year and then Calgary Alberta for just under two years. On October 1, 2011 I moved back to the White Rock B.C. area and absolutely love it here.
  I have worked as a Commercial Fisherman, Farmhand, Automotive Collision Repair Technician. Night Club Bouncer, Vocational Instructor and a Tech Rep for an Automotive Collision Repair company. My main area of expertise is in the Automotive Collision Repair industry. Automotive Collision Repair is when your car gets into an accident or needs painting. I don't do oil changes or brakes on cars(unless related to an accident). What I do is straighten frames, replace panels, replace bent or broken suspension, repair or replace body panels (etc etc).
  The point of this blog is to share other experiences not related to my area of expertise. I write enough about my field in previous assignments. In this blog I want to write about where I've been, where I want to go and places I love. With my previous job experience listed above you can imagine that I would have some interesting stories to tell and I plan on sharing them here. So hopefully you want to come along for a ride.

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